Jean is a fiber artist, author, and fiber art instructor. She has taught fiber art and creativity classes in Seattle and Omaha for the past thirteen years. She comes to fiber art from a quilting background, but has been a student of design for many years. Her knowledge is evidenced in her art work as well as teaching.

Trained as a mental health therapist with an emphasis in art therapy. She explores creative expression and individual processes both in her work as well as her students.

As a teacher Jean encourages students to explore art and design working in the medium of fibers i.e. fabric, yarn, thread, paper etc. This exploration aids students in finding their own artistic style and voice. Using the design principles and elements as the basis for learning students learn to see the world of design around them and be inspired. Students use their learning and observations to create art in a safe, supportive, fun environment. Classes emphasise process over technique. Student interaction is a critical part of the learning experience. The classroom environment is open which encourages the sharing of skills and knowledge.

An important part of her class is teaching how to critique in a constructive, and genuine way. This learning is at the heart of the class experience. Good critique skills provide a way to learn from both highly successful compositions and those that were not. Good constructive critique provides an avenue to genuinely improve work and grow as artists.

Jean is the co-author of “Fearless Design for Every Quilter” with Lorraine Torrence. Her work has been exhibited nationally.

For further information on classes as well as avlailable artwors, please email or follow her on Pintrest.

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